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Invite International television host and award winning journalist, Donna Balzer into your workshop or seminar to really get the dirt about gardening and the bigger life lessons learned from it. Donna is a story telling gardener. She is also a published author, regular garden guest on CBC radio and newspaper columnist. Invite her to speak at your special event. In the garden and in life, Donna  has made all the  mistakes so you don't have to and in her talks she shares her folksy wisdom while growing ideas from the ground up. Listen to this interview on CBC radio about her latest POP-UP Garden talk : 

Seeds want to grow, flowers want to bloom but what would Donna do?  Donna wants to get you growing the garden of your dreams . She knows combining plants properly changes lives by cheering us up and helping us relax. She knows including a walk in the park ever day lowers your blood pressure and makes you healthier. If you are losing touch with the earth and its life-affirming lessons connect with Donna and let her help you just grow it! Meanwhile "back at the ranch" Donna is growing a bigger and better garden than ever before in Qualicum Beach. Follow her blog posts or attend one of her lectures soon. (Advance notice: she will be speaking in Canmore on Earth Day - April 22, 2015).

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Donna Balzer is an enthusiastic speaker and media personality.

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